Private Label - Personalised Manufacturing

We offer you to create your brand!

Many companies and people wanting to create their own range of products are stuck because of the large quantities demanded by manufacturers. In general between 3,000 and 5,000 units per product and per colour ... which requires a very large budget and on a broad scale which makes things more difficult for beginners.


We offer you to create YOUR BRAND! Quality products at very competitive prices for reasonable overall budget and a complete service including:
-choice of product materials from a very large selection.
-A wide range of colours for the complexion as well as the eyes, cheeks and lips to meet the needs of all skin tones; we have an exceptional range for darker skin tones.
-Standard packaging that can be printed or labelled with the brand; it is also possible for the customer to provide his own packaging if it is compatible with our products (we perform compatibility tests).
-Minimal quantities: 36 pieces / product / colour for all the chosen range.
-A minimum total amount of € 5,000 excluding taxes for all products combined.
-Selection of 36 pieces only for all the items you need to restock.

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