Create your brand

If you want to create your own brand of make-up, we at MAQPRO offer assistance from the concept stage up to entry on the market.

MAQPRO offers:
• A wide range of materials for all make-up products (for instance for foundations there are 4 possible base materials, available in 250 different colours, and 24 different possible packaging options)
• All packaging is branded by your logo (either printed directly, or on stickers)
• Low minimum orders : 36 pieces per product and per colour (minimum 100 times more for traditional manufacturers)
• The total minimum of the first order is € 5,000
• Subsequent orders are only subjected to a minimum of 36 pieces per product and colour.

These are the steps of brand creation with MAQPRO
1 – You register your brand with the INPI..
2 – First work session with MAQPRO to determine the products that will constitute your line, and for each product the materials, colours and packaging that you choose.
3 – MAQPRO establishes an estimate of the total cost.
4 – The validation of the estimate and its regulations confirm your order.
5 – Second work session with MAQPRO; choice of the colour of each product.
6 – MAQPRO produces a prototype of the stickers or screen-print design.
7 – After your acceptance of prototypes, your order is entered into the manufacturing calendar.
8 – You open your account at the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) file. The CPNP is the information portalfor all information on cosmetic products sold within the European Union. You must be registered to sell products under your brand, and MAQPRO takes care of all subsequent declarations. Registration is free of charge and MAQPRO will guide you through the steps.
9 –Your order is ready on average 3 to 4 weeks after initial planning. This is an approximate delay, and is subject to change during national, bank, or factory holidays. Screen-printing takes 3 additional weeks.
10 – MAQPRO takes care of all legal registration of your products into the CPNP file.
11 – You can launch sales.
12 – If you wish, you can (by appointment) visit our factory in Béziers.

For more information please do not hesitate to to contact us.