Retail Audience

Prescription of a bespoke foundation

MAQPRO offers a wide range of over 250 foundation colours,
which is why we do not like to limit the testing of our product to a simple dab like most of our peers.

MAQPRO offers a personal appointment in our Paris show-room.
A make-up professional helps you select the colour suited to your complexion, applies it according to your needs while explaining the best uses of the product.

One session, which lasts 15 to 20 minutes, costs € 40.

If you are satisfied you can buy immediately or later ; indicative pricing  :
• a stick of foundation (250 uses) costs € 62.90
• fluid foundation costs € 52.45.

If we do not find your colour, we can create it specially. This costs € 200 for one stick.
Manufacturing and delivery delays are determined during the appointment.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bespoke make-up advice

Our aim :
Magnify your face thanks to the art and techniques of a professional :
• Whatever your skin tone,
• Whatever your make-up needs : natural daytime looks, more sophisticated evening looks, or adapted to the needs of a show.

How :
• We find the best possible colours for the skin tone, the eyes, and the lips.
• We have a range of over 500 different colours.
• We restructure and highlight your features through our light-and-shadow techniques.

Process :
For about two hours, the make-up artist selects with you the shades that suit you best.
They will also teach you to apply the products, and the steps of correction : each operation is clearly explained so that you can reproduce it easily yourself.
As such, the idea is not simply that you should be well made-up during or after your visit, but that you should be able to reproduce the same effects yourself.
After the make-up session, a recap will be given to you, complete with sketches.
After the make-up session, you can find the various products that were presented to you, either immediately, or later on the telephone, or at your leisure.
We ship everywhere in the world in under 48 hours after your order was passed.

Our products have been used for years by some of the greates stars, both professionnally and provately. They are made from high-quality natural ingredients and suit every skin.

Post-sales services :
We do not only help you find and apply the make-up that suits you, we also offer additionnal – free – appointments with the same make-up artist so that you verify your reproduction of their effects.

Make-up sessions are available only by appointment in Paris, and one session costs € 120. Contact us to arrange for an appointment.