Make-up professionals

Are you a make-up artist ? You are a privileged client and can benefit from a 40 to 50% discount off the retail price.

Moreover, MAQPRO offers: :
• A wide range of products corresponding to all cosmetic categories: beauty, transformation, special effects.
• Our products are adapted to various supports and media : cinema, theatre, television, video etc.
For instance, we offer seven different foundation materials, according to whether you work in HD or the opera, on the star or on extras…

All the products on offer are declined in many colours :
250 for foundations / 100 for lipstick - but if the exact colour you require is not available, we can make it for you.

If you need a specific colour for an actor, you can bring him to our show-room so that we can determine the exact shade that we manufacture immediately and which we shall keep on record for later need.

To better guide you in your choice of product and colour, we offer the use of a make-up studio free of charge, where you can take your time in choosing and testing products/materials. You can come in groups by appointment.

If you want to perform make-up tests before a film or show, we can offer you the free use (on appointment) of our make-up platform. This enables you to come with the actors, and test products together before you buy them.

If you cannot come to our show-room, we can send the products you need everywhere in France and abroad.

Advanced technical courses or recycling courses are organised according to your needs. These courses are hosted by centres for adult study. Please contact us contact us for more information.

You can also follow our free one-day SPECIAL EFFECTS course, designed for our first-aid clientele. The calendar is available on our website.
To register, please send an e-mail to along with your full name, address, telephone, and the date at which you’d like to participate.
We will answer by email directly !