The "Fards crème" (Cream Makeup)

the undisputed star of foundations

FARD CREAM MAQPRO is the undisputed star of foundations for several decades.
It meets all the qualities required to satisfy all users whether they are professionals or individuals:
- There are more than 300 shades.
- Which can be easily mixed together if the MAKEUP MIXER is used as a binder or thinner. Why? Because it contains mainly waxes of vegetable and mineral origin.
- It can be set in transparency or thickness depending on the amount of MAKEUP MIXER used, the more MAKEUP MIXER is used the more translucent the result will be on the skin.
- It is 12 to 15 hours without transfer.
- Perfectly waterproof once powdered with one of our powders.
- It does not harm the skin because a derivative of beeswax is incorporated to make it moisturising and protect the skin from external elements.
- It gives a luminous reflection thanks to its generous and intense mineral pigments which reflect the light instead of ab sorbing it like the traditional cosmetics.
- Pigments dosed at a minimum of 30%.
- It can be used for all makeup functions:
foundation - concealer - blush - eyeshadow - contouring and even as lipstick by the pro.
- It fears neither heat nor frost and can therefore be used and stored for a very long time in all climates without losing its properties.

Standard or modular, a full range of handy palettes.

Maqpro offers a range of standard pallets in our classic Fard creme foundation. In order to meet your requirements, we can make these pallets in the material and the composition of your choice.
Feel free to contact us for any question.