Cream blusher

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The cream blusher is the standard product used by the professionals of the make-up for all their achievements.

The cream blusher resists water and "holds" 12 hours without problem - does not stain clothing.

It will be used to make up the achievements of your wounds out of Latex or Plasto-Nat, for the effects of volumes and the connections with the skin.

Make-up remover :
With the make up remover jelly (Ref. 1041), the Cleaner (Ref. 1034) or the make up remover milk (Ref. 1038 /A).

When you order the product, don't forget to tell us the colour and the packaging you whish !

Selected colours for special effects :

  • White

  • Blue

  • Yellow

  • Black

  • Paleness

  • Red

  • Blood red

  • Khaki

  • Pale flesh tone

  • Medium flesh tone

  • Dark flesh tone

More than 160 different colours are available.

The products :

The cups can be grouped by 10 in a plastic pallet (ref. 1003).
* Composition for the cream blusher pallet : black - white - yellow - red - blue – blood red - khaki - pale flesh tone - medium flesh tone - dark flesh tone.