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It acts of natural Latex pre-vulcanized which is worked very easily, while drying it becomes brilliant and/or transparent.
It uses to make simulation of burns or the effects of scraps of skin etc.
You can colour latex with Cream blusher.

Easy way : Apply the latex protective covering before the latex to limit the risks of allergic reactions.

Precautions :
1 - Only apply on an healthy skin, without any scars, wound or spot.
2 - Make sure that the skin is completely clean.
3 - Brush a light coating of latex protective covering before you apply the latex.
4 - Never use a latex which remained open for too long (6 months to 1 year).
5 - Well recap the latex after each use.

Make-up remover :
With a cotton wool and adhesive and latex solvent.
When all the latex is removed, you can complete the make-up remover by using a bit of Cleaner, then Make-up remover jelly.