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The Plasto-Nat is a modelling paste used like modelling clay on the skin (use the latex protective covering before the application of it).

Exists in three colours : pale flesh, medium flesh et brown flesh.

To get a good adhesion of the Plasto-Nat, it is recommanded to start by cleaning the chosen skin surface with the Cleaner.

How to use :
The Plasto-Nat works on the skin as a Plasticine®. Depending of the effect wanted, you can make it stronger adding a thin layer of Sealor which will allow a compression without putting out of shape your realization. Once the volume is put in place, you can make up the Plasto-Nat with the Cream blushers.

To create a wound:
• take some Plasto-Nat with a spatula ;
• shape finger it as you whish ;
• put it on the skin and spread the edges ;
• brush a thin layer of Sealor to fix the whole thing ;
• then you can make up the Plasto-Nat with our Cream blushers.

Tricks :
To make the Plasto-Nat last longer, use the latex protective covering before making the wound.
When you shape the Plasto-Nat with your fingers, keep some Loose powder N°400 next to you, you will dip your fingers into it so that the Plasto-Nat will not stick to your fingers.

Make-up remover :
We recommend to use the Make-up remover jelly to get rid of the colouring and to take off everything use a cotton wool and adhesive and latex Solvent.
You can finish the make-up remover with some Cleaner for a neat skin.

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